To The Writers Of Sports Media.

Digital Etiquette in Sports Media.

To be a successful writer, you must be able to grab the reader’s attention.sorry-not-sorry

You have a split second as they’re scrolling through their phone to persuade them that what you have to say is worth reading. You must fight for the time that they are convinced they don’t have. However, how far is the media willing to blur the lines of digital etiquette to get the next trending topic ? Is there such a thing as taking things too far in the telling of sports.


What the unspoken rules of Digital etiquette within Sports Media should include;

  • Information about a specific team or player. This seems like a given. Articles about sports media should be able to grab a reader’s attention by providing insider information on their favorite players or teams.
  • Statistics about previous games & predictions for future games. If I missed the game last night, I want to be able to quickly check the stats on my commute to school.lebron-james-looking-at-stat-sheet-like-what

I don’t want to have to scroll through 10 pages of blah blah, looking like Lebron over here just to find out who the high scorer was.

  • Information that may change the audience’s opinion or perspective. As a sport’s fan we deserve to have access to information that may change our opinion about an organization, player or team. The fact that you got charged with gun possession last night will more than likely affect my decision to list you as my favorite linebacker in front of my employers.
  • Never put your need for 15 minutes of fame over the livelihood of others. There have been countless athletes whose careers have been ruined or tainted by the media not doing their job correctly. The reporter was too focused on breaking the next trending topic that they didn’t bother to check if there was any real truth behind their accusations.

What the rules of Digital etiquette within Sports Media should NOT include;

  • Unneeded personal information about a player or organization member. There is no need for personal information to be shared if it has no impact on their professional career. The fact that Draymond Green accidentally shared a ‘private’ photo on his Snap Chat really shouldn’t concern us. Yet we let the media convince us it does.


  • click-baitThe use of Click Bait. There is nothing f*cking worse than seeing something you find super interesting, going through an entire article, and not seeing it mentioned once! Digital etiquette in any form of Media should include the notion that it is not okay to use click bait ! Stop wasting our time.


  • Rumors. Unless an author can honestly say and feel that they have done everything they can to confirm a story, it should not be run ! Digital etiquette in sports media needs to focus less on being the first to tell the story and instead, focus on being the first to tell the REAL story.

Digital Etiquette can be a tricky thing in terms of Sports Media. There’s an extremely fine line between keeping your readers interested while also being truthful and respectful. You’re fighting against millions of other writers and a generation who is too impatient to spend more than couple minutes on an article. However, this doesn’t mean that digital etiquette shouldn’t be an important factor in our lives. This goes for any form of social digital interaction. You don’t need to send a text in all caps to get your point across, NOBODY LIKES THIS, or speel lyke dis tah fit in. Use digital etiquette to show the world what you’re about.



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