The Makings Of An Overly Attached Girlfriend.

What started as a joke video for a Justin Bieber contest, quickly became a viral meme.

In the Summer of 2012, JB put a contest out to his fans to create a counterpart video to his hit song “Boyfriend.” A YouTuber, Laina Morris accepted this challenge … but put a bit of a twist on it.  

Full Video


Instead of the typical response of gushing young fans acting out their fantasy of being Justin’s girlfriend, Laina made a parody video. Deeming herself as the fictional character the,  “Overly Attached Girlfriend.”

It wasn’t long before Reddit nation got ahold of the video and seemingly overnight the video went viral. Reaching it’s current rate of over 18million views.

Resulting in the video going from this ..

Photo Source.

 To This ..

Photo Source.

The Meme’s kept rolling in, each funnier than the last.


The soaring popularity of the meme, created quite the interesting ‘career’ for Laina Morris. She was a guest on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon and was even featured in a Samsung commercial in 2012. She was also named one of the “15 People Made Famous by the Internet in 2012” by Mashable.

Full Video


Yet it begs the question, how did this happen ? Why did the internet choose to make Laina Morris infamous ?

The answer is simple. We cannot resist the urge to find humor in over exaggerated stereotypes. It wasn’t Laina herself, or even the song. It was the hilarious execution of what our most exaggerated interpretation of an over clingy significant other is. Watching this train wreck unfold in front of our eyes was something we couldn’t look away from, and everyone was fighting to get aboard.



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