Feed Me With Feedly.

Feed Your Brain Knowledge Using Feedly.

As a first year professional communications student my choices for a potential career field, feel limitless. However, my heart is invested in the world of sports marketing. 

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Therefore, when it came time to chose a topic to research on Feedly, the answer was obvious. You guessed it – Marketing in Sports.

Now, I’ve never used anything even remotely similar to Feedly before. Therefore, I went into this with an open mind, unsure of what to expect. While secretly hoping to have my mind blown.

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Then, came the actual experience.

At first, I was a little underwhelmed by the program. The site layout was quite simple and honestly a little boring. There wasn’t much to engage with and nothing ‘jumped’ out at me as a viewer. That is, until I started doing some research. The next thing I knew I had literally spent hours going through hundreds of articles from all sorts of different experts within the field of Sports Marketing. Feedly was able to gather articles from a variety of platforms and organize them in an easy to read and easy to find way.

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I just couldn’t get enough !

Not only can you save any article or blogger information for later, you can even make folders (with labels) to organize them ! What ?! Why would anyone waste all that time searching through every option Google spits out at you, when you can literally have every article right at your fingers ? I discovered and saved between 20-30 articles directly related to sport branding and/or marketing that I know will be able to assist me in the future. I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience on Feedly and the amount of information it had available.

There is no longer the need for the disappointment felt when you can’t find that one specific article. Feedly is here to help .

Just like this dog is ..

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