Every post-secondary student knows how boring traditional forms of studying can be. You sit there with your textbook, your notepad and highlighter, trying to fight off the call of sleep. The longer you stare at the words, the harder it seems to become.


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What if I told you that there is a fun and interacting way to study ?

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Kahoot is a free platform based on learning in a fun way. It allows it’s users to create their own “Kahoot”. A Kahoot is a multiple choice game quiz surrounding whatever topic they would like. The user can then publish their quiz to the public, which allows them to ‘play’ while studying. The user can also invite their friends to play with them. By providing your “Game Pin” to others, you can all participate in the same Kahoot and compete against one another.


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The Kahoot I decided to create, was a study guide based on content I had recently learned in EID100. I wanted to develop a multiple choice quiz that my fellow classmates could use as a study guide for our class. My quiz is made up of 5 multiple choice questions, each with 3-4 possibly answers to choose from. Below is a demonstration of how to play Kahoot.

screenshot-31First you select whether you would like to play the Classic 1 vs. 1, or in the Team vs. Team mode.

screenshot-32You then input your Kahoot Game Pin into your mobile device.

screenshot-33The final step is to create a nickname that is shown to the other players.

screenshot-34Then, you can begin playing the quiz. You read the question on your computer, and can answer on your mobile device. Above is Question #1 “What is NOT needed in the innovation process?”

screenshot-35Question #2 : “What are the 3 Web Languages ?”

screenshot-36Question #3 : “What does Skeuomorphism accomplish?”

screenshot-38Question #4 : “Who is Ada Lovelace?”

screenshot-39Question #5: “What are the 3 aspects of Crowd Acceleration Innovation?”

The player has 20 seconds on each question to select the correct answer. After they have chosen an answer and submitted it, Kahoot will show you whether or not you’re correct and what answers the other players have selected. You will be awarded points based on if you had the correct answer and how quickly you answered.


At the end of the quiz, Kahoot provides you with the top scorer. As well as how many points you were awarded and how many questions you answered incorrectly & correctly.

After playing a few quizzes published by other users, I quickly realized that it doesn’t even feel like you’re studying. You become so engaged in the competition that you don’t notice the amount of information you’re retaining.

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I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s not !


Studying no longer has to be such a drag. Use Kahoot with your friends and study for your next test in a fun, interactive and engaging way.



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