Concurring Code.


Coding can be incredibly overwhelming and intimidating. When you have no idea what you’re doing, it seems as though it’s a bunch of random letters, numbers and special characters all linked together in some weird way with no real meaning. Don’t get me wrong I find it very fascinating and have a variety of friends who do it for a living, but I’ve never understood how it made any sense to them. Is it simply to complex for me to understand ? This thought has lingered with me for a long time, until I was introduced to Codecademy.

Starting Codecademy, I was intimidated. I was entering into a world in which I felt I had no right being in. However, it really eases you into the whole process. I started with the first course, “HTML & CSS Part 1” which comes with very clear, and simple instructions to follow on the left side of your screen. You plug the instructions into the code section in the middle of your screen and the changes appear on the right.


Next, you begin looking at how code should be set up, and the proper formatting to follow when creating a website. The instructions are still very straight forward and easy to understanding and implement. screenshot-46

The next step is when things become a little more complicated. You start focusing on how to change specific aspects of the page, including ; unnumbered lists, numbered lists, body paragraphs and even photographs. However, the content is still quite easy as long as you follow the instructions closely.


Then, you move on to CSS (or what I call “the fun stuff.”) Here you learn about changing the design elements of your webpage. You’re able to modify EVERYTHING and I do literally mean everything. The options seem endless. You can change your text font, the size, the colour, text-align, word spacing, your borders, your background, every individual heading, your margins, padding, the list goes on and go, EVERYTHING.


From here on out, I found the code to become much more difficult. The complexity of the code increased and it started taking me much longer to be able to grasp the concepts. However, the instructions were still very helpful. Also, if you are having incredible difficulty with imputing the right information an option will come up as “get code.” By doing this, the code will be placed for you so you can see where you went wrong and learn for the future.


But I was unwilling to give up on this. I was determined to finish the course and learn as much about coding as possible. I forced myself to persevere through the many mental (and emotional) breakdowns to complete it, earning 25 badges in the process !

I still think that coding is super difficult and have incredible respect for all those who make a living doing it. But I can now proudly say that I have at least learned the basics and am no longer intimidated by it !


Thank you Codecademy.


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